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Probably everyone has their favorite, but I love my Flip & Tumble bag. You don't fold it, you scrunch it up into a ball, which means it's always wrinkled. But it's so EASY and it ends up small enough to fit in your pocket. On me at least, the strap is long enough to go cross-body in a pinch - great for when I have to hold 2 kids' hands.

...and unsolicited product review over. :)

If you find more cleaners that work, could you possibly post the recipes? I would LOVE to find a good nontoxic toilet bowl, mildew, or oven cleaner.

Virgo Herself

Cross-body is a definite plus! Thank you for the recommendation. I haven't ventured into other homemade cleaners yet, but will post results when I do. The one thing I can tell you is that denture tablets make a good toilet bowl cleaner. They're also good for stained teapots.

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