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I completely understand that "I just don't want to deal. Let's move on..." sentiment. Good on ya, for getting the more energy efficient one, too.

Laura Pryst

we have a similar problem with our original contractor...he put in the same furnace for all the units...which is great but uh, the other units are 1 floor our unit is 2 floors...not one! Insane. But we're trying to sell it (the whole unit...not just the furnace :D ) so hopefully by fall it will be someone ELSE'S issue. Maybe a penguin's issue?


Paljon kiitoksia toistaiseksi jakamiseen varsin vaikuttava yksityinen tarinan viimeisenkin jälkeäkään meille. Fabulous kohde! Kiitollisuudenvelassa on kunnossa suhteen antamalla tähän. Tämä oli poikkeuksellisen harjoittaa postitse.

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