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Oh man. That is terrible. I'm so sorry. At least you were prepared with how to manage! (I know, "Br00ke, shut up with the silver lining crap.")

As for not burning out, are you ever able to leave midday for about an hour? Going for a walk in the middle of the day is such a brain melt (especially if you leave your phone/blackberry in the office). All of the craziness from the week/day seem to be less once you get back.


appeal the property tax assessment...They've continued to raise the assessed values even though it's not representative of the market.


I checked with the township and there's nothing I can do about the 2007 assessment. Our management company will appeal the 2008 assessment for all the units in our building. (As well they should--my HELOC lender recently provided me with a new appraisal that is almost $100K less than my purchase price. Painful!)

I get out at mid-day once or twice a week. More often would be better, I agree.

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